Unleash the Power of Your AI

Developing AI tools is rocket science. Monetizing AI tools is harder

It’s frustrating when your company has done an amazing job of developing deep learning tools but you face a bleak winter because

  1. Competitors have outflanked you, or;
  2. You can’t lock down a proprietary database that will turbocharge profits.

Panagon’s database can solve these problems by giving you control of the ultimate proprietary database for AI.

Proprietary Databases Empower AI Dominance

The Panagon database helps you build your corporate data fortress with these features:

Ethical Data Harvest

Ethically capture consumer data that is freely and willfully exchanged for clear benefits that cannot be replicated. No fighting with customers and regulators about data rights.

$30B Upside

Anonymized demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral data is unique and can be monetized in readily identifiable markets, delivering high ROIs on your AI investments.

Competitive Moat

An exclusive agreement with Panagon locks up the data generated by the patented Panagon concept. Pre-empt your competition while you monetize the data.

The AI Does Not Make the Database. The Database Makes the AI.

We asked ChatGPT-4 to expand on this concept. Here is what ChatGPT-4 had to say.

Proprietary databases surpass the importance of AI tools, as they provide the foundation for training advanced algorithms. A robust, exclusive database offers a competitive edge, fostering innovation and tailored AI solutions. Rich data sources are crucial for unlocking the full potential of AI tools and ensuring valuable results.

What’s in this database?

Set aside disbelief and imagine billions of people using smartphones to record and stream their daily experiences to their personal cloud space, creating a vast media repository of their lives.

Imagine also that these people will happily share data related to this content, and expressly approve the commercial exploitation of this data by marketers, data scientists, political campaigns and more. Why?

The Bargain: Anonymized Data for A Legacy

In return for a user’s anonymized data, Panagon delivers the priceless story of their life, and ownership of their own Presidential Library-like resting place.

Customers’ stories will be produced with deep-learning technology that:

  • Powers the data-collection app that gathers and cultivates data inputs
  • Creates intelligent, incisive biographies and interactive experiences
  • Preserves memories of loved ones and enables meaningful personal connections
  • Creates actionable insights for marketers, researchers, and decision-makers

For the same price and given the choice between being laid to rest in a cold, damp cemetery or their own private Heritage Gallery, people will choose Panagon’s product every time.

A Fair Exchange

  • The customer’s Heritage Gallery contains an organized, and patent-protected story presentation system
  • The system delivers high-quality videos, interactive conversations, and written documents
  • Users’ personalized biographies are produced at a fraction of the cost of alternatives
  • Over their lifetime, users are rewarded with incentives that reduce the cost of a Heritage Gallery and incentivize them to share more data

Financial Benefits for Users

  • The digital records of users’ lives are stored at no charge to app users
  • Users earn credits when their anonymized data is purchased
  • Credits are applied towards the purchase of Heritage Galleries

Why You Should Contact Us Now

You are probably asking yourself “Why should a major AI player contact a start-up that does not already have tens of millions of users?” The answer is simple. If you don’t lock up this opportunity now, a competitor will. It’s not just an idea. Panagon has received three key patents covering the presentation of these digital legacies. It’s now time for us to find the right AI partner for this world-changing endeavor.

Unleash the full potential of your AI tools, stoke your P&L, and future-proof your business. Learn more:

Jay Moulton: jay@panagon.ai

Gary Green: ggreen@panagon.net

General Counsel: 1-215-574-0600