Why We Will Have the Data

We know that all people want to be remembered in a positive light, and as more than just a silhouette after their death. Panagon offers its customers a new paradigm that replaces cemetery burial with comfortable salon-type rooms where future visitors can search and experience video, audio, and AI-generated presentations about their family members.

The presentations available in Panagon buildings will inform the visitors of their roots, as well as excite and intrigue them. Knowing they will be doing a great service for future generations and enabling their descendants to learn of the complexities, challenges, and triumphs they experienced during their lifetimes, Panagon’s customers will eagerly upload every scrap of information possible to Panagon’s cloud.

The Panagon App and the Application of Artificial Intelligence

A mobile app that makes it simple for people to collect, preserve and share digital memories of their lives with families and future generations. AI easily creates these rich life stories from users’ massive databanks.

The Irresistible Alternative to Traditional Burial

The costs of traditional burial or the Panagon alternative are the same so one can choose to: (i) Be forgotten in a grave; or (ii) Have your life immortalized in a luxurious, comfortable Heritage Gallery that your family will actually visit.

AI Radically Increases the Motive to Share Data

Before the advent of AI, people would only upload videos and photos that would present their lives in a certain way. With the advent of AI, Panagon’s customers will unrestrainedly upload more raw videos, photos, and thoughts, knowing that the AI technology will shape the narrative to the customer’s preferences and tell the story they want told.

From one user’s point of view:

When I shaved in the morning, I might make a video and explain why I am using a particular shaving cream, and if I was dissatisfied, and changed my shaving cream, I would make another video.

With the advent of AI, I would be looking at a different painting on the easel.

When I selected my fountain pen for the day, I would video the array of pens I was considering, and explain my choices. The same for the tie I selected.

I would video my car and explain what I liked and disliked. I would video traffic and the path I took to work. I would video my parking space and my walk to my office. I would video my stop at a food truck and the breakfast I bought.

Why would I be so assiduous? Because I would imagine one of my descendants posing questions about me where there was no direct answer. I would anticipate that AI could survey my accumulated pool of tiny details to come up with answers that had at least verisimilitude if not actual truth.

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