$30 billion+ Database Market Opportunity

We estimate the app creates a new $30 billion+ market opportunity as an anonymized database and a digital advertising conduit. Panagon expects that its AI partner would develop, distribute, and operate the mobile app, supporting IT infrastructure, and data monetization activities.

Panagon’s mission is to compel a majority of the world’s population to voluntarily tender to us, and then allow us to sell, massive troves of their anonymized biographical information because the benefits they derive from giving us their data greatly outweigh their concerns for privacy. This database presents a new opportunity.

Privacy Problems Create A Market Opportunity

Almost all current marketing programs face the existential issues of:

  • demands for more data privacy by users and regulators
  • Apple’s throttling of data from Apple devices
  • the impending deprecation of third-party cookies
  • organic revenue growth across your properties

It’s not just Facebook and its advertisers that face these problems. Millions of companies that rely on third-party data for marketing decisions and programmatic ad buys have the same problems.

Chief Marketing Officers understand that the difference between success and failure is their organization’s customer knowledge.

Create A Market Opportunity

And all Chief Marketing Officers know that there is a dearth of psychographic and behavioral data.

Panagon’s approach to building its database solves the privacy problem, encourages consumer interaction, and unlocks the potential to offer to marketers, researchers, and decision makers the most complete database ever.

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